An Association in France and an NGO in Cambodia

Taramana France

The french organization has a board of ten members. General meetings are held every year with all members.

Taramana France has no employees. In partnership with the SCD (Service de Coopération au Développement), an NGO approved by the french Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taramana welcomes one or two International Solidarity Volunteers (VSI).

The funds raised by the non-profit through sponsorship, donations and various events are exclusively used for the various programs in Phnom Penh.

Taramana Cambodia

Taramana is also an NGO recognized in Cambodia and by the Embassy of France. Taramana Cambodia employs ten Cambodian employees (social worker, nurse, teachers, cook, logistician…)

The Taramana Magdalena center

In mid-2016, Taramana moved to a new, larger, safer and more functional center. It contains three classrooms, an infirmary, a multi-sports hall, computer room, canteen, laundry area, showers and two rooms for after-school-activities.

All employees and volunteers work at the center.


Florian Farcy, Director
Rithy Bum, Administrative Manager

Education department

Masocheata Hong, English teacher
Serey Plum, Khmer teacher
Seng Thong Sum, Khmer teacher
Nounvisal Tith, Librarian

Medical-Social department

Jocelyn Dordé, Doctor and President of the Association
Visal Doeu, Nurse
Dararith Eng, Social Worker

Management of the Center

Din Choeu, Logistical issues and driver
Chhun Cheam, Cook and custodian

Communication and fundraising

Estelle Mariette, Fundraising and Communication Manager
Team of volunteers

French volunteers are continually working on different types of missions (french classes, management, social activities, communication …)