Help support us

Here are 5 wonderful reasons to support Taramana !

1 – Support an NGO organized on a human scale

Taramana employs nine Cambodian employees. It also hosts two French volunteers and several other volunteers each year. All employees and volunteers work at the Taramana Magdalena Centre, which welcomes children from the Boeng Salang slum area every day of the year.

Giving your generous support to Taramana is to choose a local Association, where all the actors are directly involved with the children and families supported!

2 – Grow with an ever-evolving NGO

This year, Taramana moved into a new Centre which is three times larger than the old one. The Centre’s children are now welcomed in a more modern, secure and adapted environment.

Our goal is to welcome more underprivileged children in the years to come, but also to improve our various programs. Supporting Taramana will help us to strengthen the quality of our actions for the children of the Boeng Salang district.

3 – Back an Association which wants to become more visible 

Taramana uses inexpensive means to get its message out and to talk about it activities. As a grass-roots NGO, it does not have networks as extensive as other associations with a more national scope that can make major calls for donations.

Supporting Taramana means joining an Association for which one single donation can make an incredible difference!

4 – Improve living conditions in one of the poorest countries in the world

Cambodia is an extremely poor country situated in Southeast Asia. Access to education and health in Cambodia is very limited. Children have to start working very young to bring in money for their families.

By supporting Taramana, you are acting directly to avoid situations which require children to work.

5 – To reveal the potential hidden in each child!

This is how we see these children every day: brimming with energy and talent, whether in education, sports or the arts.

Giving your support to Taramana helps to enable our children to overcome the obstacles they face today in their academic career so that they can flourish later in all their professional and personal projects.