Artistic and sport activities

Taramana pays particular attention to artistic and sports activities. 

Art and sports are an integral part of education and enable the children to develop and thrive.

For now, the activities in Taramana are rugby, football, yoga and drama class.

Every two years the children put on an organized show which attracts more and more fans.

In 2016 the opening of the new Taramana Magdalena center offers new perspectives for the development of this program, with spaces entirely dedicated to new activities (music, danse…).

The children regularly go out on different outings (visits, exhibitions, conferences, shows, meetings….).

The « Little Rascals »

Nine French-speaking students are part of the theater troup : « Les Petits Chenapans ». They diligently rehearse every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Their latest comedy play « Allo Docteur, vous n’auriez pas vu mon Bidou ? », which was written this year by the president of the charity, has already shown in different places in Phnom Penh : the Lycée Français René Descartes and l’Espace Volontaires du Cambodge. In september/october 2016, the troup went to France for the first time and gave four performances which really impressed the public.

Being part of a French-speaking theater troup has extremely good beneficial effects on their learning the language ; speaking fluent French is also essential for the access to many university programs in Cambodia.

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