Social support

Taramana offers a social support for children and their families. This is achieved thanks to the follow-up of each child welcomed at the center.

Each child is indeed individually followed by a social worker who is in charge of identifying his or her specific needs according to his or her family situation. Regular interviews with the children and their families enable us to follow their progression and, occasionally, to help them in their important life decisions.
To know more about social investigations, it’s over here

In accordance with the Board of Directors, our team provide an adequate assistance to fulfill the specific needs of each family: mosquito nets, meals, housing support, etc…

Each year, Taramana participates in the purchase of uniforms and school supplies for public school. For the teenagers willing to pursue higher studies, a donation or financial support for the purchase of a computer or specific equipment can be considered.

The Taramana center is also a place of refuge, comfort and relief for all the children. The center also provides showers and washing machines.



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