Artistic and sport activities

Different extracurricular activities are now part of our program and help children to fully develop themselves.     

For instance, thanks to our partner Kampuchea Balopp, the children have rugby training every Thursday. In parallel, some 40 children from the centre meet on Wednesday evenings after school for football training.
Manual activities are also offered to the kids when they attend the center’s library.

The Taramana Magdalena center, opened in 2016, was designed with areas entirely dedicated to activities, including music and dance rooms.

Other more specific activities are offered to children: yoga, French drama class, visits, outings, exhibitions, etc.

The « Little Rascals »

A group of French-speaking students are part of the theater troop « Les Petits Chenapans ».

In 2016, their comedy play « Allo Docteur, vous n’auriez pas vu mon Bidou? », which was written by the president of Taramana, was performed in different places in Phnom Penh: the Lycée Français René Descartes and l’Espace Volontaires du Cambodge.

The troop was even able to export its play and came to France to present it.


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