When you sponsor Taramana, you give us the means to offer disadvantaged children an access to education, medical care, a balanced diet and numerous extracurricular activities that open them up to the world.

Sponsoring is a long-term commitment, which enable the teaching staff to develop medium- and long-term projects for children.

For a child, being sponsored represent the chance to have a better life and to thrive.

For more information on the role of sponsors, see our sponsor’s guide


Collective sponsorship enables the organization to support all the children of Taramana in the best conditions. It is an effective way to ensure the proper functioning of the center and its sustainability.
This form of sponsorship is the one that most closely corresponds to the association’s needs and guarantees equity for all children.
I support Taramana’s actions
for ALL the children in Boeng Salang


Individual sponsorship offers the possibility to sponsor only one child and correspond with him or her.
Sponsors don’t choose the child they sponsor, but Taramana suggests a child to sponsor after a social inquiry.

I wish to sponsor
one child

What does the sponsorship include?

The sponsorship money is used for our educational, social, health programmes and extracurricular activities. It enables the 200 children supported by Taramana to have access to an educative-medical center which includes classrooms, a library, a canteen, an infirmary and rooms dedicated to the practice of extracurricular activities.

Thanks to this facility, children can benefit from the best conditions to study and grow peacefully. That way, our students can:

  • Attend Khmer, English, French and computer classes
  • Do their homework or read at the library
  • Have a balanced meal once a day
  • Take part in extracurricular projects
  • Bring home a bag of rice once a month

I sponsor

I support Taramana’s action for ALL the children of Boeng Salang ▶️ I subscribe
I wish to sponsor a child ▶️ I subscribe

Soon: online subscribtion for the sponsorship 🙂



“My name is DIN Vuthny, I’m 20 years old. I live with my parents, my little brother and my little sister in a small wooden house in the shantytown of Boeng Salang in the north part of Phnom Penh. I am very fortunate to be one of the kids sponsored by Taramana since 2008. Besides the canteen and the good times spent playing soccer and rugby, I was able to attend both English and French courses. I am better in French because I love the language and in addition, it will serve well in my medical studies that I just started at the USS, University of Health Sciences. I am also a theater fan and a member of the “Petits Chenapans” francophone theater group since 2010. Thanks to Taramana, I hope to become a doctor in order to help my family, but also assist the poor who do not have the means to seek out medical care and to pay for medicine. I will never forget all that Taramana has done for me and my entire family.” Vuthny, 2016


“My name is SOEUN Leakphisa and I’m 11 years old. I was born in the village of Boeng Salang in Phnom Penh and I’m an only child.  My parents work hard all day. My Dad is a tuk-tuk driver and my Mum is a factory worker, which leaves them little time to take care of me during the day. Luckily for them, I was able to come to Taramana as of 2011. This was a real relief because at the time I was in the CE2 class. Today I am in 4th grade and every single day I come to the Centre to take Khmer and English classes and to eat in the canteen. Thanks to these extra class hours, I am currently first in my class at public school and my favourite subjects are mathematics and Khmer. I have lots of friends here, I love to learn, but above all, I like to help my friends do their homework or explain what they don’t understand. Later, I would like to become a doctor and treat people who are faced with difficulties”Leakphisa, 2016