Health and nutrition

Support for education is not enough if the living conditions of the families don’t allow the children to live and study in decent conditions. Therefore, Taramana offers an access to healthcare and food to all the families of Boeng Salang.

The children who live in Boeng Salang are malnourished and exposed to illnesses, which can sometimes be very serious : dengue, viral hepatitis, poliomyelitis. Our social surveys have shown that more than half the children in Boeng Salang have never been vaccinated.

Access to health for everyone

Our health program is supervised by Jocelyn Dordé, president of Taramana and doctor who volunteers in Cambodia 6 months per year. He is backed up by a Cambodian nurse who works full-time at the center.

At Taramana, we believe that most efficient way to prevent disease is through a full vaccination follow-up. A vaccination protocol was set up in 2010 for all the willing children and families.
Medical check-ups are set-up for all the inhabitants of Boeng Salang. In the case of serious illnesses, Taramana gives access to appropriate treatment.

In 2011, Taramana began a health programme including multi-vitamin and intestinal deworming treatments for children who attend the Taramana centre daily.
Health awareness sessions are held every month for as many children as possible in order to strengthen their knowledge and practices on issues related to hygiene, alcohol, tobacco, drugs…


– Since 2010, Taramana works with the NGO Cambodia World Family which enables children to benefit from quality dental care twice a year.
– The French charity Mission 2 Mains offers physiotherapy sessions twice a year for every children.
– The NGO DocOsteoCam sends a team of volunteer osteopaths to Taramana for a few days to provide care for children.

A balanced diet

Every day around 80 children, selected among the most vulnerable, benefit from a balanced meal with rice, meat or fish, vegetables and fruits at the center. The canteen offers two vegetarian meals per week. In the future we would like to be able to feed more children at the center’s canteen.

The children also have drinking water at the Taramana center.

Every month Taramana distributes a ton of rice to the families who are the most in need. The quantity is defined by the social worker according to the families’ ressources.


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