The founding members, right at the beginning of the charity, launched a vast sponsoring program which has allowed for the development of the charity. Sponsoring is a long-term committment.

Collective sponsoring

I sponsor Taramana’s actions for all the children in Boeng Salang

Collective sponsoring allows the financing of projects for all the children of Taramana, which no exceptions.

Individual sponsoring

I sponsor one child

When you sponsor one child you will be informed about the child’s activites – you can also communicate with the child with the intermediary of Taramana. The children who are sponsored are not chosen by the sponsors but by Taramana, after a social inquiry.

Testimonial by Vuthny


“My name is DIN Vuthny, I’m 20 years old. I live with my parents, my little brother and my little sister in a small wooden house in the shantytown of Boeng Salang in the north part of Phnom Penh. I am very fortunate to be one of the kids sponsored by Taramana since 2008. Besides the canteen and the good times spent playing soccer and rugby, I was able to attend both English and French courses. I am better in French because I love the language and in addition, it will serve well in my medical studies that I just started at the USS, University of Health Sciences. I am also a theater fan and a member of the “Petits Chenapans” francophone theater group since 2010. Thanks to Taramana, I hope to become a doctor in order to help my family, but also assist the poor who do not have the means to seek out medical care and to pay for medicine. I will never forget all that Taramana has done for me and my entire family.” Vuthny, 2016

 Testimonial by Leakphisa


“My name is SOEUN Leakphisa and I’m 11 years old. I was born in the village of Boeng Salang in Phnom Penh and I’m an only child.  My parents work hard all day. My Dad is a tuk-tuk driver and my Mum is a factory worker, which leaves them little time to take care of me during the day. Luckily for them, I was able to come to Taramana as of 2011. This was a real relief because at the time I was in the CE2 class. Today I am in 4th grade and every single day I come to the Centre to take Khmer and English classes and to eat in the canteen. Thanks to these extra class hours, I am currently first in my class at public school and my favourite subjects are mathematics and Khmer. I have lots of friends here, I love to learn, but above all, I like to help my friends do their homework or explain what they don’t understand. Later, I would like to become a doctor and treat people who are faced with difficulties”Leakphisa, 2016