Activities and accounts

The broad guidelines are decided by the board. In Cambodia, the center is managed every day by a team made of Cambodian employees and French volunteers.

Taramana’s accounts in Cambodia are held by the director of the center, with the support of the executive assistant. Every three months, the director submits a detailed report to the board.

In France, the accounts are approved by the treasurer. Each year, the accounting firm Experts & Solutions checks the accounting and establishes an annual financial statement.

Taramana is authorized to deliver fiscal receipts to french donors. In 2016, it was recognized by the american foundation CAF America, which enables to receive tax-deductible donations from the United States.


Taramana has an annual budget of approximately 100 000 euros. In 2015, the amount of revenues were of 226 600 euros, mostly thanks to grants received for the construction of the new center.

Almost three quarters of Taramana’s revenues come from donations, contributions and sponsorings. Its other incomes come from public and private grants and the organization of various events.

Most expenses are dedicated to Taramana’s education, health, nutrition and social support programs. Other expenses include expenses of the center (equipment, maintenance, security…) and the staff remuneration (social worker, nurse, teachers…).

In 2015, exceptionnally, Taramana’s expenses were of 382 740 euros. Around two thirds of these expenses were spent for the construction of the new center. The construction was entirely financed by grants and Taramana’s own capital.

Taramana set up many partnerships in order to avoid additional fees. For example, the venue of volunteer doctors and our partnership with the NGO “Cambodia World Family” for dental care enable to reduce the expenses of our health program.