5 good reasons to make a donation to Taramana !

5 good reasons to support Taramana

More than half of people support a non profit organization every year. So, one month before the end of the year, here are five good reasons to make a donation to Taramana !

1 – To support a human-sized NGO

Taramana has a staff made of nine cambodian employees and two french volunteers. All of them work within the Taramana Magdalena center, which is welcoming children from the slum every day.

Making a donation to Taramana is making the choice of a local non profit, where every actor has a direct relationship with the children.

2 – To accompany an NGO in transition

In 2016, Taramana moved into a bigger center. The children now evolve in a more modern, adapted and safer environment.

Our goal is to welcome more children from the slum in the years that come and to improve our programs. Making a donation to Taramana means helping us reinforce our actions for the children.

3 – To defend a non-profit Association that needs to be known

Taramana uses free means of communication to deliver its message and inform about its actions. As a local NGO, it does not have the same networks as bigger non-profit organizations with national scope, which can launch large fundraising campaigns.

Making a donation to Taramana means supporting an association for which one gift can make a difference !

4 – To act within one of the poorest countries in the world

Cambodia is a poor country located in South-East Asia.Here, access to education and to health is extremely limited. Childre have to work from a very young âge to bring back money to their families.

By supporting Taramana, you act directly to avoid such situations.

5 – To support an innovative campaign

Taramana’s crowdfunding campaign was cost-free. The video clip was made by a volunteer. We aimed above all to have fun with the children and to show you their potential.

Because this is how we see those children every day : full of energy and talent. Far from stereotypes, we want to remain optimistic !