A girls’ victory in rugby!

Once again this month, Taramana’s athletes brought us a great victory! This time, it is the women’s rugby team.

What a team!

On Sunday the 8th of July 2018, 3 players from the women’s rugby Taramana’s team: Sreyka, Sreypich and Young Sa attended the NGO PSE (Pour un Sourire d’enfants)‘s tournament and finished first for the under 15 years old group.

The players, from the NGO “Toutes à l’école”, welcomed Taramana’s girls into their team. It created a good atmosphere and led them to victory!

The children train every Thursday during 1 hour with coaches from Kampuchea Balopp whom with we are working for 5 years.

We are very proud to see the children, girls as well as boys, improve in rugby, a sport not well known in Cambodia. Team spirit, commitment and respect constitute the values of this sport and bring tools to the children that will be useful for their own life-development either in their private or professional life.

Once more, congratulation to the women’s rugby team and to our associate Kampuchea Balopp for their energy and willingness to make the children improve.