As you might already know, the Taramana Center’s activity room underwent a makeover during the summer! It is now perfectly arranged and beautifully decorated with a mural to welcome children for various activities led by our volunteers.

Our volunteer Leakhena carried out a workshop to decorate this room! Inspired by the childrens’ drawings, Leakhena designed this colourful mural. Now the room has been transformed into a proper and playful room where children can express their creativity!


This room has welcomed, for a few weeks already, some suberb craft activities, but also a puppet theater and it also is used as a resting, reading and discussion place for all the kids.

Today, thanks to the donation of a film library with over 800 movies by the Curtat family and after an inventory of these, the children or the students (depending on the movie chosen) can enjoy a movie night per month, followed by a small talk about the film.

It is the opportunity to introduce a real and proper approach to cinema as an art and to discover and improve their understanding of both English and French. In addition, it helps to develop their critical thinking and to encourage them to say something during the discussions.

A big thanks to Leakhena for this beautiful mural, to the Curtat family for these marvelous multimedia tools and also to our volunteers who supervise the kids during these activities!

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