Computer classes for Seventh graders at the Taramana Centre !


Young Taramana students welcomed the computer classes offered after the inauguration of the new Centre with open arms.

The Taramana Magdalena Centre computer room is now equipped with 18 spanking new computers !

After the Centre’s inauguration at the beginning of February, Dararith, a former Taramana student and now a member of the Taramana team, created computer classes at the end of the afternoon for 7th graders. The courses will provided to these students up until their graduation.

This new Centre activity met with great success! Today, 62 students are taking computer classes two hours per week (two one hour sessions).  The students are highly motivated for these new classes.

Because students don’t have computers at home and rarely benefit from them at public schools, the Taramana students are beginners. The children are well aware that they need to perfect their computer skills for both their studies and for their future integration into the professional world.

The students started out with basic computer notions.  They are currently praticing typing in order to learn the keys on the keyboard.  Afterwards, they will learn how a computer is organized and how files are kept, the main software in Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), and they will of course learn how to surf the Internet and to use an email account.  

We are proud of all these students !