Every day, a hundred children from the Boeng Salang slum area come to the centre and attend class. The oldest ones are also supported in their  job search or to pursue their studies after high school graduation.

Taramana’s main objective is to promote the childrens’ education and to help them get started on their professional path.

Everyday the students come to the Taramana Magdalena Centre, alternating between mornings and afternoons with Cambodian public school schedules.  Schooling is mandatory for every child admitted to the Centre.  Up until grade 6, Taramana pays for the tuition fees of children enrolled in public school.

Complementary education at Taramana is focused on Khmer classes, and French and English classes are optional. Knowing these langages is an opportunity for the students to pursue certain university degrees or careers. Many degrees, such as medical studies are conducted in French in Cambodia. Consequently, the students who never learn this language in school cannot have access to such studies. Furthermore, many booming professional activities such as tourism require a full command of these languages.

A complete educational program

Apart from French classes given by volunteers, classes are also provided by a team of Cambodian teachers. Students are divided into groups according to their level. Currently, Taramana offers three levels for each discipline.

The childrens’  progress is assessed frequently. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete one unit and the students’ progress is tested every month via an evaluation.

Taramana also supports students willing to pursue univeristy studies and helps them in their job searches.

In addition to the educational program, the children can take part in many sport and cultural activities throughout the year. In particular, the students with a very promising level of French form a French-speaking theatre troop.