It’s Christmas time !

A Western tradition well received by Cambodians !

Not to set a precedent, but the French team at Taramana once again organized Christmas festivities for all the kids ! Let’s admit it. The kids seemed to have really enjoyed it.

Marie and Agathe set up the fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day “off” which was punctuated by games, handicrafts, little presents, tasty treats and big smiles. But there was still more to come !

A festive evening

That same night, the kids all decked attended the Big Raffle and the show organized by members of the teaching team and their friends. After all the gifts were handed out, there were some performances by the fabulous juggler, Vuthny, a beatbox demonstration by Dara, the enthousiastic “RG Band” and videos which are so loved by the kids.  And last, but not least…of course there was dancing around the lovely decorated Christmas tree !!