The mural of the Taramana Family

A more colourful playground!

The playground is the heart of the Taramana Magdalena centre. Like the living room of a house, it is the space where everyone gathers before returning to their occupations, in the early morning and afternoon, and often during breaks. From gatherings to annual celebrations, games, music, prevention sessions and various interventions, the playground is the place for moments rich in laughter and transmission. An atmosphere that contrasts with the greyness of the walls, which until now have been little or temporary decorated.

Equipped with paint cans and posca (a little white magic pen), the volunteers then took things in hand! Their mission was to make this place more colourful. Their idea: to create a mural fresco with the hands of the children and the team.

A rite of passage for the children

Beyond the decorative aspect, this fresco of the hands allows each child to leave a trace in Taramana. An artistic way to express “I’ve been there”.

Each child chooses a color and puts his hand on the wall, next to the other prints, to mark his belonging to the Taramana Family. Next to each hand is written the children’s first names, in Khmer and English, so that each student feels represented as an individual person and yet part of a whole. 

The staff also put their hand to the work… or rather to the painting! Thus, the team members and volunteers involved in the daily work with the children have their place on the wall.

Making one’s mark will now be a rite of passage for new students, teachers, volunteers… This act will symbolize their integration into the Centre and our big family. Over the years, it is easy to imagine that this mural will cover a large part of the walls of the building. A decoration full of meaning!

You too, be are part of the Taramana Family! 

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