Christmas time at Taramana

Christmas came ten days earlier than expected to Taramana this year! The children enjoyed a full day of festivities on December 13th.
Giant games, films, snacks and gifts and a big show at the end… It was reminiscent of the good memories of the activities organized during the Khmer New Year or the Taramana’s Got Talent contest.

A colourful day

This year, the team of volunteers, with the complicity of the teachers, largely involved the children in the organization of the party. From the making of the decorations to the realization of the accessories for the games, we can say that the children spared no effort! The watchword: to develop their creativity by giving a second life to waste. Cardboard boxes, plastic cans, milk cartons, yoghurt pots, wire, wool… one coat of paint and voilà!

Oraganized into teams, young and old alike had the joy of experiencing the games they had made themselves: giant twister and memory, duck fishing, coconut shy, racing bags, beret game… so many activities like at a big fair!

After the effort the comfort… then to finish on a gentle note, each child received a small bag of gifts and sweets (without forgetting the tube of toothpaste and the toothbrush for each one 😉 .

A multi-talented show

For the past few weeks, rehearsals have been going well at the centre as each class prepared a surprise for the show. On stage with lots of spotlights and under the applause of the audience, the students put on a great show for us!

Alongside the performances of Christmas carols, playbacks, theatre scenes and choreography, a beautiful novelty: a fashion show made in Boeng Salang. Our budding artists performed professionally and proved to be real stars!

To finish on a high note, the children – still full of energy – went wild on the dance floor. At 8:30 pm, it was time for our little starlings to go home… Bring on next year!

All the pictures…

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