Our approach

Education as the first objective

For Taramana, education is the key to a better future. Unfortunately, many children never receive a proper instruction, mostly for financial reasons.

Our priority is to support their education. We enable the children to go to public school and we provide them with complimentary classes.

A better life for a better education

It is also essential to improve the families of Boeng Salang’s living conditions.

Taramana acts on their daily lives through an access to health care, a balanced diet, social support and opportunity to do artistic activities and sports. Fulfilment in their daily lives is necessary for them to be able to engage in their education.

Social support is at the core of our approach

In Cambodia, children go to school either in the morning or in the afternoon. The remaining half of the day, they come to the Taramana center and attend to class.

In addition to education, medical care and extra curricular activities, the children who are the most in need receive a daily balanced meal. Every month, we distribute bags of rice to the families who have the most difficulties.

Through social follow-up at the core of our work, we provide an appropriate response to the residents’ needs based on their individual situations.