Our values


Taramana is a small French NGO that has chosen to focus on the underprivileged area of Boeng Salang, located at the north of the capital city of Cambodia. All Taramana staff (10 Cambodian employees and 2 to 5 European volunteers) work within the Taramana center, located in the Boeng Salang zone.

Our activities carried out on a small-scale enable us to individually track each child and family and to better meet their specific needs. We place particular importance on maintaining a human and personal relationship with the people that we have chosen to help.


Taramana is an apolitical and non-confessional French Association. All the members of Taramana share the same values of respect and solidarity.


Our vision of sponsorship entails a number of rights and duties. These rights and duties are guided by the interests and safety of the children, which must in no case be called into question by the sponsorship system.