Personal development training for our students

We announced it in our last newsletter, the WIG – Women’s International Group in Phnom Penh – granted Taramana a $2,000 grant to finance the Karol & Setha training program.

The aim of this project is to offer our students workshops to teach them how to:
> Know themselves better
> Express their emotions and needs
> Open up to other people
This training will aim to develop our teenager’s self-confidence and teach them to communicate more effectively so that they can become fully accomplished and responsible adults.

A big THANK YOU to the WIG who support the Cambodian community by providing financial support to meaningful projects!
To learn more about the WIG – Women’s International Group in Phnom Penh, ▶️ it’s over here

We are very happy and excited for this collaboration and can’t wait for the first workshops to start!

KAROL & SETHA – foster positive interpersonal relations

Karol & Setha is a Cambodian NGO created in 2004.
The organization aims to foster the development of personal, family and social relations by providing participants with tools to address the root causes of relationship problems.
The trainers, all Khmer, offer very high quality support on issues concerning emotional and sexual relations, a subject that is often taboo in Khmer families.

To learn more about Karol & Setha Karol, ▶️ it’s over there