Playing sports together

Once upon a first time…

For the first time on Friday, March 30th and Saturday 31st, the Olympiads of Shared Sports were held in Phnom Penh at the French Lycée René Descartes (FLRD).

On the initiative of a group of high school students from Aiguerande à Belleville (69), these sports days brought together 36 children with disabilities (blind and deaf mutes) from the NGO Krousar Thmey, 18 middle school students from the FLRD, 9 children from the NGO Enfants d’Asie as well as 9 children from Taramana.  All these participants were guided by thirty organizers and facilitators, high school gym teachers and by our long-term partner, Kampuchea Balopp.  The musical conductor, Jean-Baptiste known as « JB » for those who know him in Phonm Pehn, and a former Taramana volunteer, orchestrated the whole group.

A full programme !

Exhibitions matches of Cécifoot (soccer played by young blind people), women’s wheelchair basketball played in part by members of the Cambodian national team and some Khmer games for the first day.

Each team was composed of one FLRD child, two children with disabilities from Krousar Thmey and one child from an NGO (Enfants d’Asie or Taramana). Obstacle courses, climbing , relay races, wheelchair basketball, water sports … there was something for everyone!

Our children came out stronger and richer after glimpsing beauty and differences. Some of them, like Sreyna or Vicheka, spent the day alongside young blind people guiding and assisting them in the various sporting events. A friendship as surprising as it was strong was made between Sophanich and a young deaf man from Krousar Thmey.

Other examples of solidarity emerged as the day progressed. Our conclusion? A success that leaves smiles on all faces and the desire to relive it over, again and again! Common values come from diverse horizons from which joy and happiness are born! We can’t wait for the the next Olympiads!