Some news concerning the 2017 Khmer New Year


The Khmer New Year took place on April 6th and 7th at the Taramana Centre and from April 13th to 16th throughout Cambodia !

The Khmer New Year takes place in mid-April and represents the most important religious event of the year in Cambodia.  During this annual event, Cambodians have several days of vacation which brings families together and allows people to pay hommage to their ancestors in pagodas where they implore deities with prayers and offer up flowers.  The Cambodian New Year is a very festive event, right in the heart of pagodas, villages and cities.  Many parties and celebrations are organized througout Cambodia.  Cambodians sing, dance and play different traditional games all day long.

At Taramana we also celebrated this event with two days of festive activities orangized by the whole team.  On April 6th, kids played soccer, dodge ball and the chicken-fox-snake game with the framework of a sport tournament. The kids really had fun and it was a day filled with lots of energy and team spirit!  On Friday, April 7th, mini Olympic games, based on traditional Khmer games, were organized at the Centre.  You could hear the kids laughing all day !

Lastly, to wrap up the two wonderful days of activities, a special soirée was organized by the Centre. The kids were able to have fun and dance to the music !