Taramana gets a new look!

The Association, declared as a public utility, now has a new presentation brochure which explains Taramana’s history, the Association’s goals and how people can help us.

A new presentation brochure for Taramana!

Updated, dynamic and more pleasant to read! For the first time, there will be an English version!

Indeed, just as for the website, the English version exists, Taramana can now reach an wider international audience!

To see this wonderful brochure, download it, print it and send it to your relatives …: https://www.taramana.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-TARAMANA-PLAQUETTE-UK.pdf

Ah ah… How long before a Khmer version becomes available?

A new partnership: ISF Imprimerie

We have been able to print, for free, 8 000 presentation brochures thanks to our partner, ISF Imprimerie. A big thank you to them!! It is thanks to the work of companes like ISF Imprimerie that Taramana can grow and provide better care to the children!

We would like to remind you that, if you want to become a Taramana partner, you can benefit from a French tax reduction: 75% up to the amound of 529€ and then 66% on any expense made for the NGO. A donation in terms of workforce worth 1000€, in reality, will cost only 440€ !!

To obtain further information about it, just click here!