The Centre’s kids all have new uniforms and new school supplies !

Well equipped to start off the new school year 

Since their official back-to-school day on November 12th, the kids at the Taramana Centre have benefited from a set of new school materials (notebooks, pens, pencils holders, etc.) and new uniforms. As education is the first pillar of the Association, it is essential for Taramana management to give children the means to work and study under good conditions. So kids, pick up your pencils and have a happy school year!

An equitable distribution.

School materials were distributed according to the kids’ grade levels. So they did not all get the exact same amount of equipment, but everyone still got what they needed!

As for school uniforms, after working on some refitting by Rithy, our own administrative manager, the uniforms arrived in top shape and impeccably white (at least the shirts) in the hands of children. In Cambodia, as in many other countries, children are obliged to wear uniforms to go to school. Blue or black stockings and white shirt.   Well dressed and well equipped and ready to learn !