A younger makeover of Taramana’s communications

Taramana has welcomed some new dynamic volunteers within the Association and the communication department has really taken on a promising new life.


A new volunteer started her job as Communication/fundraising Project Manager at the beginning of February. She is surrounded by a solid volunteer team which includes Margot, Valentine, Jordan, Janis, Jocelyn as well as Simon in France. This new French International Service Volunteer is enlarging her network and thus giving communications at Taramana a needed visibility boost. A new look for the taramana.org web site is underway and will be on-line in the next few months thanks to help from the company Coccinet .
As of next month, the format of the monthly newsletter will offer a more functional, integral and interactive look and feel. New sections and new content will allow you to learn more about Cambodia as a country and about the daily life of both the kids and volunteers at Taramana.


Twitter Account


Our fans can already follow Taramana via Facebook and Youtube, and now a new Twitter account has been lauched to reveal all the events taking place at Taramana both in France and in Cambodia. All these media will help keep you better informed about all of our activities. We wish both Aline and the whole team good luck !
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