The date for moving into the new Taramana Centre has been set for Summer 2016

After 15 months of non-stop labor, the construction of the future Taramana Centre is reaching its final finishing stages.


We must admit that our students from Boen Salang have been very patient. We’ve nearly reached our objective and the dream of all the students will finally become reality.


With its contemporary and ecological architecture, the new centre, with its three floors, looks out over the village. If all goes well, the move will be done duirng the last week of July. The building will be able to host twice, even three times, more people given its 200 square meters of space.


New activities on the horizon


The new centre which is airy, well-lit, secure and functional , will meet all the promises initially made by the archictect, Mr. Seng Vannak, in charge of the overall project.


In addition to three class rooms and a new computer room, the children will benefit from a music room and a dance hall where yoga, theatre and other activities will all take place.


As for sports, with the availability of a large central space, the children will be able to engage in activities such as volley-ball, badminton and even ping-pong.


We are really counting down the days until the big moving day!