Ordinary meeting of the Taramana General Assembly

Created in 2005, the Association held its 10th Annual General Assembly meeting on July 8th at 7:30 pm at the Lanton Cultural Centre in France.


It was time again for the annual meeting of the Tarmana General Assembly.   Both the activity report and the financial overview were presented by the President and founder, Dr Jocelyn Dordé. Also in attendance were the current members of the Board of Directors. The members watched some new videos and learned about the possibilities for perspectives to be offered by the new Centre which will open this summer.
  The meeting ended with the traditional cocktail-dinner at 9 pm. This year, members were able to bring family and friends to the meeting, but only those up to date on their membership fees were able to take part in the voting.
  Thanks again to all those who attended this annual meeting.