Vaccinations & medical check-ups: a review of the latest health campaign

This past February, the Center’s children benefited from a comprehensive individual check-up  during a two-week health campa

143 small patients were treated to a general consultation :

– auscultation and checking of blood pressure
– measurement of both height and weight
– verification of visual acuity
– dental examination

At the same time, 132 were also vaccinated against hepatitis B and poliomyelitis.


Thanks to this annual check-up, we can assess the health status of the Center’s children.This allows us to better treat them and to give them the green light to practice sports such as soccer and rugby.

In 2019 :

  • 22 children with food deficiencies who previously did not go to the canteen, now eat their meals every afternoon at Taramana
  • Complementary examinations were performed on 5 children: blood tests, echo-cardiography and lung x-rays
  • 3 children were able to have an appointment with an ophthalmologist

This latest health campaign was made possible thanks to a cohesive team.

Big THANKS  to Frédéric, Emmanuelle and Elise Mousset as well as to Meng and Vuthny for having lent a helping hand to Jocelyn Dordé – Taramana’s official doctor – and Visal, the nurse at the Center.


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